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From Laurie and Bob:
"We like Andrea's work at our house in the Gorge so much that we asked her to redesign our front yard in Portland too. Andrea's landscaping skills, both plant materials and hardscape, are excellent; plus she has a driving work ethic, and is a very likable person. The world needs more Andrea Flint's."

From Mike and Judy Holman, Trout Lake, WA:
"After years of do-it-yourself efforts to create a natural environment around our home near Mt. Adams, we discovered Andrea. Working with the existing landscape, she created a design that encompassed our vision. The landscaping design was professionally installed by Andrea and her crew, using native plants that have proved to be both hearty and esthetic. It is what we dreamed our native landscape would be, and it was done within our modest budget. Andrea is delightful to work with; she is creative, she is professional and she listens."


From Alan W.:

"Andrea has been a guiding force in my project to convert a traditional Columbia River Gorge lawn and yard to a more drought tolerant landscape utilizing native plants. Her ideas have been invaluable to the process. I especially appreciate her ability to listen carefully to my needs, and to provide thoughtful solutions. Having been in this area for many years, Andrea has a wealth of knowledge about local plants and growing conditions, which is very important to me. I would highly recommend her!"


From Roger and Janet Holen:

"Andrea's design has provide our landscape with a tapestry of color. Drive by our garden 171 Riverwatch Dr.,just off Jewett Blvd. south of the Masonic Hall."

From Aspen McKenna:

"After experiencing countless headaches and irreversible setbacks at significant expense with two other landscapers for our new Hood River home, a friend finally referred us to Andrea - thank goodness! Andrea's trees have flourished while those planted by the cheaper landscaper have either died or stagnated. She had great ideas to improve the landscape design using drought tolerant and native plantings that look great in our setting. And, Andrea and her team have done a great job maintaining our yard for three years now. We would refer any friend to Andrea without hesitation, and come to think of it, we have."


From Kathy and Tom Munro:

"We built our home in Oregon to fit into the natural hillside of the property, and wanted our landscaping to be reflective of the natural surroundings of the property. Andrea did a great job of designing the landscape to make it part of our home environme- beautiful, but easy to maintain. Each year, as the plants grow more mature, our outdoor liing area looks like it has been there forever. Great team of people that knows how to get things done!"

From John and Judi Bost, White Salmon, WA

"My wife and I first met Andrea when we moved to White Salmon from Portland after being recommended by the builder/developer for her knowledge and ability. We hired her to create a plan for our front and back yard, inforporating about 30-40 plants that we brought with us, adding plantings of her choosing. She created a beautiful and functional landscaping plan that thrilled us. Her crew was both knowledgeable and courteous... no blaring radios, no smoking, no goofing around. Her finished product (including pathways and drip irrigation system) exceeded our expectations and has provided us with a yard that invitest birds, bees, and appreciative looks from passers-by. We invite prospective clients to visit our garden and to knock on our door if we aren't in the garden or on the porch in our rocking chairs. (503) 552-2930."